The Hounds

“The protection of mortals is the only cause in which we spill blood!”
A group of immortal yet mortal beings that dedicate themselves from birth to hunt other supernatural creatures in attempt to purify the Earth and prevent another occurrence of the Natural Order. Each member is a descendent of one of twelve families; Westbay, Trueheart, Stentz Roskam, Lorette, Hasagen, Gatley, Dresden, Dimuro, Caldron, Boran, and Anglen. Between the twelve families, they are broken down into three sections of specialized skills. Those belonging to the Westbay, Trueheart, Stentz, and Roskam lines primarily deal with close combat. Each member of these families belong to the Comminus clan and are trained to the teeth in every hand-to-hand combat known to both man and supernatural being. Those belonging to the Lorette, Hasagen, Gatley, and Dresden families are known as the Sagittandi clan; each of them are given a bow and arrow before they take their first steps. They are trained not only to never miss, but to assure that each arrow they release is one that kills their target. Lastly, the families of Dimuro, Caldron, Boran, and Anglen belong to the Lator clan. Their expertise is vast, but focuses on hunting. Together, the clans have combined their specialized skills to become one of the most dangerous groups of individuals to ever hunt supernaturals. Their linkage allows them to share telepathic connections with one another no matter the distance. This has revolutionized their technology and ability to strategize without awaiting vast destruction. As the guardians of the mortals, each and every descendent of each family must fulfill their life duty by joining the Hounds and also losing their life to the cause. Currently, Gibson Westbay, a direct descendent of founder Rolin Westbay, is the head of the Hounds, setting his eyes upon what most have defined as The Dark World; where those such as the Evans, Castilles, and Council find themselves dwelling in. It was the mission of the father before him to eradicate the world of the Dark World because it is seen as the pit in which evil finds itself resurfacing again and again. Rolin lost his life to his cause, finding himself at the end of a broken shard of glass held by a man named Nikolai Samuel Evans.



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The new house brought a smile to her face. A mien that had been drowning in sorrow for months. Eyes that were more wet than dry. A walk that was more drag than swag. But, Alicia had reason to smile now. This new house—not even a house, a cabin, a dream-place, a beautiful wooden structure lost in the country. Not another neighbor for miles. The new cabin played a big part in her happiness, yeah, but this transformation into positivity jumpstarted the moment she left the city. The very place that killed her son. And now all she had left was her husband and five-year-old daughter.

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Nathaniel Christopher Witherson

presumed dead in August of 2015 after a fatal accident that left him and his only daughter, Teagan, barely hanging onto life. The life he built with his wife Tanya was a rouge; a cover up until he was ready to unveil his true intentions to the world who witnessed the embarrassment his mother had laid upon him when she chose Teagan to carry the Witherson and Adept legacy in her bones. Nathaniel attempted to impregnate several women with his Adept seed; sacrificing countless lives in the ritual with no result. It was not until Denise Borderman, once one of Caroline’s most devoted followers, showed him the crucial detail his mother left out when teaching him the ritual did he succeed in passing his seed to one of the twins that Denise birthed for him.

His wife, Tanya, was unaware of his true intentions, but knew that with his assistance, she could eradicate the Adept species as her superiors attempted to do decades ago. She assisted in the abduction of Adept children for Nathaniel’s experiments to render Adept offspring mortal through gene extraction and deletion. With this newfound discovery, Nathaniel planned to dismantle the supernatural hierarchy, bringing the opposed to their knees and dethroning those in power until he was the last left to sit upon the throne. Though thorough and effective, Nathaniel did not account for fate’s intervention when attempting to extract the gene from his own children. Their powers manifested beyond their originally designed threshold, making the children loose and unstable. Teagan, along with her half brother Warren, managed to kill their father before his discovery got into the hands of the Contingent superiors and ended their species; Caroline’s intentions after her death.

Caroline Witherson

never thought she’d be anything more than the farm girl she was raised to be. She accepted this until fate drew from her very veins. 1689. Caroline found herself seduced by a charming man passing through her small town. This man had no name, no excuse to be there other than to have her and so he did. He took her virginity; he swallowed her heart and ate her brain along with it. It was then that he revealed his true form to her; a havoc demon in mortal skin. She saw what she was meant to be in his eyes and soon devoted herself to a purpose much higher than even this old demon had known.

The following year, the nameless demon demanded Caroline took a husband to explain her pregnancy. Men fought for her, clawed left and right to take her hand, but she gave her hand to a simple man most called Benny. The demon told her that she was to find a young man and perform a ritual upon his corpse if her baby was to survive its life inside or outside of her womb. Her son would be granted a crown only meant for a chosen few, but only if Caroline deemed the child worthy of such things. Her first and only son Nathaniel was born within that year and Caroline took an instant disliking to the boy; deeming him unworthy with his first innocent cry to the world. She felt dark intentions brewing underneath his skin the more he grew, so she took it upon herself to put distance between her and the boy, leaving Benny to raise him primarily as she bowed to the higher powers in which she then devoted her life to. The boy vied for his mother’s affection, but soon this vying turned to spite and Nathaniel patiently awaited for his mother’s last breath.

When the Contingent rose from the ashes of their dead, Caroline went into hiding without her son, hoping his life would be lost in the conflict. To her misfortune, Nathaniel survived the war, summoning her when it was his time to bare a child. Mistrusting her son, Caroline taught him the ritual without a crucial detail that would always leave the women barren, but she completed this ritual with the intentions of nurturing the child from beyond the grave. Nathaniel pulled the plug on his mother the day of child’s birth, but not before she could put the last domino in place to assure that her son’s end would be met by his own child’s hand.